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8 Oct 2018

5 Dec 2017

I don’t mind; in fact, I love the uncertainty of walking up here. It’s the reverse of ordinary tourism – where, by and large, you know what you’re going to get. High in the Scottish mountains the weather is so variable and the terrain so tough that you’re always challenged. That sets the mind on edge. For thinking about the difficult things in life, this is the place to be.

So I beat a retreat. Back to Glen Feshie, where there are plenty of quiet, magical spots to shelter from any storm. The slope is steep, and the burn leaps headlong in an irregular series of cascades flanked by dark rocks that seem simultaneously pink and gold. Birch trees jut out of rock crevices and lean over the falls. Each cascade powers into a deep...

19 Jun 2017
 When I was growing up I do not recall hearing the words “I love you” from my father. When your father never says them to you when you are a child, it gets tougher and tougher for him to say those words as he gets older. To tell the truth, I could not honestly remember when I had last said those words to him either. I decided to set my ego aside and make the first move. After some hesitation, in our next phone conversation I blurted out the words, “Dad… I love you!”

There was a silence at the other end and he awkwardly replied, “Well, same back at ya!”

I chuckled and said, “Dad, I know you love me, and when you are ready, I know you will say what you want to say.”

Fifteen minutes later my mother called and nervously...

8 Oct 2015
For a long time, a wandering mind Polar M600 can suddenly find a resting place. Sitting in the window, I ask myself: How long have you take a look at this blue sky, smell this fragrance of flowers, listen to that song of a bird? How long did not go home to see, listen to talk to the family? How long did not eat with them, listen to that old laughter? How long did not talk with them, listen to the troubles of his door, and their feeling? Is it because of the ups and downs all the way, forget the rainbow in the sky? Is it because the pace of a hurry, while ignoring the scenery along the way? In addition to a tired heart, numb heart, you have a grateful heart? Not because life is too heavy, while ignoring the grateful heart!

Perhaps the...