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8 Oct 2015
For a long time, a wandering mind Polar M600 can suddenly find a resting place. Sitting in the window, I ask myself: How long have you take a look at this blue sky, smell this fragrance of flowers, listen to that song of a bird? How long did not go home to see, listen to talk to the family? How long did not eat with them, listen to that old laughter? How long did not talk with them, listen to the troubles of his door, and their feeling? Is it because of the ups and downs all the way, forget the rainbow in the sky? Is it because the pace of a hurry, while ignoring the scenery along the way? In addition to a tired heart, numb heart, you have a grateful heart? Not because life is too heavy, while ignoring the grateful heart!

Perhaps the rough, let me see each arm of the figure;

Perhaps fail, I sincerely appreciate the words of encouragement;

Perhaps unfortunately, I only know how to cherish happiness.

At the same time grateful life has given me frustration, but also gave me strong, I will have another experience. For people who love life, it is never mean. Have you ever look a tolerant heart to receive the gift of life. Ups 
 and downs is not the pursuit of life, but it must be all of life. Try using a grateful heart to appreciate, you will find a different life. Do not lose the cold winter of spring of hope. We thank God, because with the cycle of the seasons. Have a grateful heart, you will not have to complain, no jealousy, no angry, you will have a calm indifferent heart!

I often with a devout heart thank God for giving, I thank the day, gratitude, thank the existence of life, thanks sunshine, thanks reenex facial colorful life.

Early in the morning, when I wake up the cheerful bird from sleep, I opened the window, look at the blue sky, green grass, crystal dew, refreshing cool of the morning, I'm grateful God has given me a good day.

At night, the night starry sky, I opened the diary, with the clumsy pen drawing a day in the life experience, expose the gentle moonlight smile, surrounded by the warmth enveloped the night, I was filled with gratitude, thank peaceful earth given.

Meet with friends, wine Sweet Song
of America, Everlasting deep meaning, I'm reenex hkgrateful God gave me so many friends, I enjoy the warmth of friends, mellow life, Cantabile friendship.


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